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Authorized Dealer for Kubota, Exmark and RedMax
Serving Lebanon TN and Surrounding Communities

Absolute Rental and Supply is now is an authorized dealer for Kubota, Exmark and RedMax.

Kubota is an internationally know and respected name in residential, as well as, commercial equipment, from tractors to lawn mowers. Absolute is a full service dealer for Kubota, which includes not only sales, but also a full service and parts capability.

Exmark is well known in the Lawn Equipment business as being one of, if not the best, mowers for commercial landscapers and lawn maintenance companies. Again, Absolute Rental and Supply is a full service dealer, with full service and parts.

RedMax is a top of the line commercial equipment manufacturer for weed eaters, gas blowers, gas trimmers and gas chainsaws.

With the addition of these products, Absolute Rental and Supply continues to grow and meet the needs of its customers.

Everything just came together to allow all these wonderful brands to become part of Absolute Rental and Supply. The local Kubota Dealer closed and Absolute Rental and Supply was able to secure the Kubota Dealership. A long time friend of Absolute Rental and Supply was the local Dealer for Exmark and Red Max and they decided to form a relationship that would support the sales, parts and service of all three brands. This required a building renovation to accommodate the parts department and additional sales and management offices, and a separate service facility to supply the necessary technicians. Now, after about 10 months of organization and procedures implementation, the dealerships are running like a well oiled machine. Sales of Kubota, Exmark and Red Max have exceeded all expectations and the future looks bright.

So, if you are looking for a great deal on a tractor, lawn mower, weed eater, trimmer, chainsaw or any other farm or lawn equipment, Absolute Rental and Supply is your one stop vendor. Come on by and look over some our new equipment. We are certain you will find something that you just can't live without.